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3 Common Roofing Problems

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Roof problems can be a real nightmare for homeowners, even as they lead to costly and time-consuming Roof Repair. If you’re thinking to fix a problem or install a brand new roof on your house, you know that it is a big undertaking, and also a huge investment. Before getting any work done in your roof, yet, it’s very important to comprehend about some of the most common roofing difficulties. When you spot minor damages until it becomes a substantial problem, you can spare yourself the trouble of receiving an entire roof replacement.

Improper Installation

Fixing roof problems on your own, or investing in a contractor who uses poor materials for installation can cause serious damage to your roof. Never try to repair your roof yourself, no matter how much it costs to do it professionally. When you hire a roofing contractor, ask for a checklist specific to your roofing system. Ask for a written report and photos to keep a record of the work done. It would be wise also to ask your roofer if they are certified by the manufacturer to repair or install your roof.

Ponding Water

Ponding water is defined as any water that stays on your roof for more than 48 hours, and this type of water on your roof is a sure sign of a problem. This is an especially common problem in homes or buildings that have flat roofs because they are not sloped for drainage. The weight of the water can eventually cause structural damage or leaks. Before taking quick corrective action on this problem, you need to investigate exactly why the problem is occurring. It may be due to flashing on the roof, or perhaps an HVAC unit with a leaky drain or one without condensate drain lines. Fixing the cause of the problem can save your roof before the damage is too great.

Poor Maintenance

There are practical reasons why you should get regular maintenance on your roof. When your roof is inspected regularly, it’s easy to spot damage or problems before they become costly issues. Roof maintenance is expensive, but it’s worth less in the long run. Proper maintenance can resolve serious problems like leaks, loose flashing, damaged or missing shingles, and a host of other problems, and can fix these roof problems at a fraction of the cost of a full roof repair.…